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Don’t Brick My Path, I want an Open Sourced Planet Space! After Years. Heeyeah, So like, what am I supposed to do? Yes-Portfolio into my Existential Text-based Conference? This is Expo, and Meeting is about to Upload with Realtime, no


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  hey South, its North, Get East & West… i need u 2 b wild. its funny how even now i wont let ya over & over…what, just pile it? get out before this cycle resets higher plane/no names i

CharmS: Tiffany Girl & I’ve Already

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Demiurge in the Cupboard:Romaxed Nautilus

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Equal Area 6

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Holocene Refresh Installation

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Worlding it

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Fünfhaus Origins

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Generation Tropics

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Mappy Station

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Welcome to Mappy Station! An Archival Web Place using Earth’s most widely used “text” to give you all our Info, News, Catalogs and Lectures at SAFARINON.