SAFARINON is a multi-species friend-group merger. Representitives are exploring the personhood of beings interfacing in the wild and captivity.

SAFARINON, a Non-Safari

SAFARINON is the opposite of a safari, in which humans search for and/or hunt other beings...

Being with Beings

At SAFARINON, we await a consensual connection, be it out in the world, or in locations of captivity. SAFARINON representitives do not engage unless all beings involved choose to make contact. This can take many hours, days, or years. We offer all beings the oportunity to INterface, as personhood is planetary. Meaningful connections can be made anywhere.


INterface is a SAFARINON term used to describe the medium through which mulitple beings interact or interface with each other, be it shared through digital, or material objects. It is important to learn and observe the behaviors of other beings and connect on their terms.

Equal Area

All beings are respected as existing on equal ground at SAFARINON, as all beings play their own important roll in the global ecosystem of Earth. Names and systems of taxonomy are transitory, therefore SAFARINON representives do not utilize an anthropocentric approach to forming and classifying connections.


SAFARINON: INterface is the digital or material documentation of consensual connections between beings in the wild or captivity. Through shared evironments, representitives engage and collaborate with other beings on their terms through various durational actions to observe commonalities and explore creative expression.

INterface 1

INterface 2


The planet is in constant change. Genecene is a SAFARINON term meaning "current genetic forms". It was created to describe the present momentariness encompassing all currently existing lifeforms, while aknowledging their constant evolution and entropy. Taxonomic names will not continously describe any lineage of beings. We are always in a genecene, and we are documenting it online.